Verona (IT)


VERONA, 14 – 17 JUNE 2020 Pad.F Organic Hall

Vi.Te is synonymous with artisanal wine,
that expresses the flavor of the land it comes from
and is born from diversity, knowledge and presence.

The winemaker – through the everyday acts of farming – creates his or her own personal relationship with the land and the wine.

We are pleased to celebrate this relationship, and at the same time contribute to the development and promotion of the culture of natural and artisanal wine, and organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Vi.Te unites producers from all over the world who strive to express themselves through transparency, authenticity, and individuality.Our wines are produced with a respect for all living beings and aspire to be the authentic expression of the places where they are made.

Verona – Veronafiere, viale del Lavoro 8

Sunday 7, Monday 8, Tuesday 9, Wednesday 10 April 2019

9.30 – 18.00
From Sunday to Tuesday entry is allowed until 17.00.
On Wednesday entry is allowed until 16.00