Teroldego Sgarzon  Cilindrica

Teroldego Sgarzon Cilindrica

Tinaja Clinidrica is the name for the 350 liter capacity elongated clay container in which
Morei and Sgarzon spend 12 months maturing, unlike their vinous namesakes. Morei and Sgarzon Cilindrica are distinguished by their clarity of expression, precision and harmony.
They mirror processes, linked to the way clay helps to exchange and aggregate elements that are typically opposing.

Name of wine: Sgarzon Teroldego Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT
Grape: Teroldego
Vineyard location: Vigneto Sgarzon, Campo Rotaliano, Mezzolombardo
Hectares: 2.5 hectares
Terroir: Alluvial soil, mostly sandy
Fermentation and fining: In amphorae, on skin for 8 months + 12 months (with no skin) in cilindrica amphorae
Annual production: 2.400 bottles